American International
Printing Exchange, Inc.

AIPEX has a highly qualified staff to assist you in your publishing ventures.

Jack L. Roberts, President of AIPEX, assumed ownership of AIPEX on April 1, 2003 from Ralph Van Dyke, who was retained as president emeritus and still maintains an active role in sales.

As its new president, Mr. Roberts (known as "Jack" by his many friends and business associates) brings to the company a wealth of experience--based not only in graphic arts, but also in the fields of advertising / marketing / publicity.

During his early years, Jack learned his craft well under some of the leading masters of direct mail marketing. He has been sales manager of an offset printing plant and a sales account executive with a leading 4-A advertising agency.

After his honorable discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps, Jack relocated from the Midwest to the West Coast. For almost ten years he specialized in the sales and creative departments of two prominent color services that provided both advertising and editorial content to newspapers and grocery supermarkets throughout the nation.

In the ensuing years, Jack formed several of his own companies. S.E.E. (Shows/Exhibits/Expositions) was sold to the Printing Industries of the Pacific Northwest, following the successful conclusion of the 1976 Graphic Arts Expo in Portland, Oregon. Global Color Communications Corporation specialized in color materials for newspapers, point-of-sale displays for retail & national advertisers, syndicated regional television programs (boxing) and personalized publicity programs on a commissioned basis.

For the past ten years Jack has been assisting Ralph Van Dyke in the administration of the AIPEX brokerage company, until the sale of the firm last year. Jack states that it is his intention to use his marketing expertise to develop a "unique, creative concept" for the printing brokerage business--utilizing the latest innovations in electronic commerce and computer technology.

The new AIPEX website will be continually upgraded and a national sales force of independent agents organized in the coming year.

Ralph M. Van Dyke, President Emeritus of AIPEX, has been working in the printing industry for over 50 years! Since founding Seattle's first color separation company, Van Dyke, Inc., in 1952, Mr. Van Dyke has continued to blaze new trails in the field.

He collaborated with Dr. John Sherman, in the Geography Department at the University of Washington to Develop and produce maps for the blind. That ten year project brought him international acclaim. His maps have assisted vision impaired students on college campuses around the world.

Always quick to see the benefits of new technology for production and plant efficiency, he installed the first Pako Automatic Film processor in the Northwest United States. He obtained a contract with Washington State that continued for fourteen years. He produced all of the State's color separations including a library available for State and private sector tourist promotions. Through research and development, he produced a photo polymer plate that resulted in press runs of almost six million impressions.

Mr. Van Dyke has triumphed in the American market because his leadership inspires a support team with knowledge of all facets of the printing industry; international trade, financing, sales & marketing, public relations, suppliers, designers and production staff.

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